Artist: Roxanna E. Bauer

"Rebel Raptors" & prey




Quebec Wildfowl Carving Competition
Salon Plein Aire, Montreal

1st & 3rd Place Ribbons
Expert Song Birds Category

  Loot’s message reflects how we perceive wealth in the world around us. Wealth as material belongings and boastful numbers cannot sustain our soul's purpose or intent. Loot is depicted with a treasure trove of fanciful delight; his posture claiming pride and possession for his loot. However, his message is for you to look into his treasure and find that what remains is not real wealth. Skulls, and talons and feathers, no longer attached to bodies emanate a sense of decay and memory; fossils of lives lived and lost. When we die, we do not take our gold and money, it stays in the material plane of existence; but our souls take with them the love and connections earned throughout our lives. From those connections, our souls grow in light and apprehension reaching higher levels of divine understanding. That intangible light is what Loot wants you to receive by looking into his treasure.

Be content with and delight in the wealth you have, it comes in many forms: health, love, peace and experience. It doesn’t come in silver or gold.
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