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The largest nationwide German language newspaper in Canada!   Le plus grand journal de langue allemande repandu partout au Canada!

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February 2022: DAS ECHO is no longer!

With the last January 2022 issue, Das Echo ends its printing process forever. Early in January 2022, the founder and editor-in-chief Paul Christian Walter fell seriously ill at an advanced age and no longer had the strength to continue.

We would like to thank our readers for their long-standing support of this newspaper!


DAS ECHO is a long-established German-language newspaper with a rich tradition. It is avidly read from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S.A, as well as overseas. Our subscribers find their personal copy of the paper at the beginning of every month conveniently placed in their mail box.

Our Contents

Beginning in 1978 DAS ECHO has consistently informed its readers about events in the „old country“ (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). All 40 professionally written and esthetically arranged pages are comprised of classical segments that cover the most important themes in politics, economics, an overview of current events and sports. Besides, we report on the activities of German-speaking societies in Canada. We also print fun puzzles and women‘s pages containing current recipes, style and cosmetic tips. In consideration of future readers DAS ECHO dedicates at least two pages exclusively to our younger readers. The contributions of youthful journalists are featured. With this well-balanced offer DAS ECHO seeks to present a varied and enjoyable rendition of readily available current events.

Our readers

First of all, the target groups of our flourishing newspaper are the descendants of over 3 million (German) immigrants who came to Canada, and an even larger group to North America as a whole, from various German-speaking countries. Many of whom are proud of their native language and heritage and greet DAS ECHO every month as an old friend.

Since 1978 DAS ECHO has enlightened its readers about current events in the „old country“. Through local correspondents one can be informed about the activities of German-speaking regions. It does not matter whether you live in Canada, the USA or overseas. DAS ECHO does not recognize borders. Presently our newspaper is awaited every month with anticipation and is eagerly read in many countries.

Your next step

Please send us this completed order form with a cheque or money order in favour of DAS ECHO and mail to the following address:

DAS ECHOTel.: 514-335-3653
Box 27
Pointe-Claire, QC
H9R 4N5


In the name of the editorial staff we greet you heartily and thank you for joining.

Paul Christian Walter
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief